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Allison Gjeltema

Member Events

Born and raised in New York and New Jersey, Allison moved to Portland from Washington, DC in 2011. 

Professionally, Allison is a Meeting, Event and Wedding planner.  Allison holds a Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies from The Catholic University of America.

Allison resides in Scarborough with her husband Tom, daughter Grace and twins Nora and Caden. In her leisure time, Allison enjoys playing soccer, working out and coordinating events and parties for her friends and family.​

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Aubrey Heller

 Meals for New MoMs & Member Spotlight

Aubrey grew up in Rhode Island and attended Quinnipiac University in Connecticut, where she met her husband Ryan.  She moved to Maine in 2007.  She was working in higher education until welcoming her triplets in May 2018- who joined older brother Connor (born in 2015).  Aubrey lives in Saco with Ryan, Connor and the triplets, Karoline, Dylan and James.  


In her spare time, she enjoys organizing, cooking and reading.


She really enjoys the MoM nights out with the GPMOM club.  It is some awesome adult time where you can share similar experiences with other MoMs- as well as get some great tips and/or advice.  


Naleen Porreco

Treasurer & Philanthropy


Naleen relocated to Maine with her husband and daughter from Colorado. 

Since having boy/girl twins, life has gotten a lot more complicated and exhausting, but also much more fun and full of an unimaginable amount of joy! When not working or “moming”, Naleen enjoys running, hiking, and reading. 
Joining the group has been such a great experience for her- with no family in the area, it has been nice to get support and friendship from other women experiencing the craziness that multiples bring!